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The Musical Story of ELVIS
05. 01. 2025
The Musical Story of Elvis - Tour France
Lille (France)
- Théâtre Sébastopol
- Tickets ab: 46,50 €

Many have tried to revive the legend, but few have managed to break away from the role of copy to offer a modern version of Elvis. Nils Strassburg, accompanied by his band, succeeds in this feat when he dons the King's clothes, not to resemble him to the extreme but to feel the singer's soul deep inside him. And it works!

Because before being a voice and music that rocked an entire generation, Elvis is synonymous with emotion. And that's the most important thing. "If I was constantly concentrating on imitating 'The King' in every detail, the emotions would have disappeared," explains Nils who, since he was five years old, has been passionate about an idol he doesn't want to be unique. A fervent fan, yes, but not a fanatic: The Police, Joe Cocker and Tina Turner are also among his musical influences.

Perhaps that's the secret behind his shows, which are as grandiose as they are moving. Because Nils Strassburg doesn't just cover Elvis classics, he questions them. What would the King sound like today? How would his style have evolved? How would he produce his concerts? These are just some of the questions the singer tries to answer, adding his own vision and sonic nuances that don't overshadow these great classics.

Burning Love, Love Me Tender, Suspicious Minds and other timeless hits have been rearranged in more contemporary, even more rock versions, and above all, with lighting effects that the King would certainly not have disowned. It's a tour de force, a unique atmosphere and an inspiring show that's sure to rekindle the nostalgia and passion in the hearts of Elvis fans.

The best of Elvis Presley

He had already been touring Europe for a few years with increasingly accomplished shows when he was voted best Elvis interpreter in Germany. A title that means a lot, awarded by the media company Time Warner and the Elvis Presley company. Because if Nils Strassburg was singled out from around fifty candidates, it was for his ability to transform the King's legacy and bring it into the 21st century. But also for his special relationship with his audience. Far from projecting the image of a wax statue trapped in an era, he never hesitates to reach out and bring his idol a little closer to his fans.

The King comes to France

To mark the 45th anniversary of the King's death, Nils Strassburg and his band are touring Europe again, bringing a fresh take on the classics that everyone knows. With The Musical Story of Elvis, the performer dresses up in the light of the legendary singer to sing his hits, infusing them with his own personal touch, his own vision, his own modernity. A vibrant tribute, but above all, a glimpse of what Presley's music could have been if he had never left us.



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